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MyMedicare and HFGP

HFGP is participating in the MyMedicare initiative and we invite all of our patients who consider us to be your usual practice, to participate. MyMedicare is a Commonwealth Government initiative which began in October 2023. It is a voluntary registration system that allows you to formally register with your [...]

Dietitian now at HFGP

We would like to welcome Andrea Popovic (B.Sc, APD), a dietitian from Bites health who will be working with us. Dietitians can help with: Sports nutrition (including muscle gain and fat loss, increasing endurance) Sustainable weight loss planning Cardiovascular health Digestive health including IBS [...]

Paediatric Care

Looking after our young patients is very important to us. We take great joy in looking after our babies and young families. Our practice has 8 doctors that have the additional qualification of Diploma of Child Health. Our four nurses have all completed a post graduate immunisation course. We [...]

Covid-19 Vaccines

Vaccines available at Hills Family Practice Pfizer Monovalent Omicron XBB.1.5 - for 12 years and over booster or primary course For children 5-11 years of age, please discuss with a doctor or nurse in order to obtain a suitable vaccination. If you receive your vaccine elsewhere, please let [...]

Podiatrist Available

We are lucky to have Matthew Roumanus (B. Podiatry, B. HSc), a podiatrist, offering podiatric services to all our patients. Matthew has experience in treating patients of all ages. Seeing a podiatrist may help you if you have: Foot and leg pain Corns and [...]

QI Dashboard

This page displays a summary of the measures in our quality improvement efforts. Please refer to the specific sections for more detail. We prefer to use “run charts” to display this information, as it is the best way to display change over time and to best identify efforts that [...]

Quality Improvement

Practice Quality Improvement One of the fundamentals of quality and safety in healthcare is to embed a strategy for continuous quality improvement and to never stop trying to become better. As part of our service, accountability and commitment to you, we believe that we should [...]


As your medical home, we want to stay in touch about all aspects of your health and well being. In order to help us stay informed about any vaccine side effects, we are now now using SmartVax, a real-time vaccine safety monitoring program using SMS technology. Find out more about [...]

Project Wellbeing & HFGP

Our Clinical Psychologist Tehani Gunasekara and her team work closely with the doctors at HFGP to ensure our patients have access to top psychological care. Project Wellbeing is a Castle Hill based Psychology and wellbeing practice that provides individual therapy, Wellbeing Workshops, and Perinatal Mental Health services. Our [...]


Preventive medicine is the practice of promoting preventive health care to improve patient well-being. The goal is to ultimately prevent disease, disability, and death. Click on the graphs to enlarge them. Cervical Screening Cervical screening (previously known as PAP smears) is one of the most [...]


Vaccines are as important to your overall health as diet and exercise. When you skip vaccines, you leave yourself vulnerable to illness. Click on the graphs to enlarge them. Childhood Vaccinations Childhood vaccinations are a crucial measure in preventing debilitating and potentially life threatening infections. [...]

Team Based Care

As many of our patients know, we continue to bring together a wonderful team of people who are all there to help when they need them. We encourage all of our patients to meet and partner with their team as required. We believe that team based care helps build [...]

Our Vision

We want to be a practice that delivers team-based healing relationships that wrap around the healthcare needs of our patients and their families. We want to make sure the care we provide is effective, evidence based, safe, and focused on prevention. Our focus is to provide lifetime care to [...]

What is a medical home?

There are many definitions of a medical home that incorporate general practice. We have visited and studied many systems around the world to learn about the best models of care, including Oregon, Cambridge Health Alliance in Boston, New Zealand, and the UK. However, we believe that a medical [...]

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