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Fees and Billing

In February 2023, we introduced an out of pocket fee for some patients for routine consultations. In order to minimise the impact of this change, we continue to bulk bill (i.e. not charge) GP consultations for:

  • All children under 16 years (i.e. 15 years and younger) of age as they are eligible for the bulk billing incentive*
  • Patients aged between 16 and 21 years of age (inclusive) who are students and not in full time employment and who are registered with us in MyMedicare. (Please see our MyMedicare page for more details).
  • All patients 70 years of age and over*
  • Patients eligible for the bulk billing incentive with a Centrelink Concession Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card
  • Veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) white or gold card
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients*
  • Specific services such as chronic disease care plans, mental health care plans and health assessments
  • Any patient with a current Covid infection
  • Annual Heart Health Checks**
  • Mandatory drivers license medicals for private grade licenses (please note commercial drivers medicals incur a fee and don’t have a medicare rebate)
  • Routine repeat prescriptions and ongoing referrals that do not require a full consultation (please see our online request page)

Please note that we are happy to consider our fees for our regular patients who are under financial stress – please don’t hesitate to discuss this with your GP. All other patients incur a private fee.

Please note that all new patients will be charged the full private fee for their first visit.

*Must hold a valid Medicare card

** Medicare restricts this service (item) number to once a year

Frequently asked questions

Why have you changed to a mixed billing payment model?2023-01-07T22:50:11+00:00

The amount Medicare pays for each appointment does not cover the costs of running a medical practice.  These costs include staff wages, medical and IT equipment, rent and utilities all of which have increased significantly over the last few years.

The introduction of mixed billing will help keep the practice sustainable in the long run.

How can I claim my medicare rebate?2023-02-15T23:25:08+00:00

For in-person visits, your Medicare rebate can be processed in one of three ways:

  1. If you have a physical savings or cheque card, an instant Medicare rebate can be claimed at the time of payment. This method of rebate is only available for consultations, and not for procedures.
  2. If you do not have a physical savings card and your Medicare account is linked to your personal bank account, we can send an online claim to Medicare on your behalf.  Your rebate should generally be paid to your account within 72 hours.  If you need to check or change your bank account details, please visit Medicare online via myGov, or use the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.
  3. If you want to claim the rebate yourself, upload a copy of the payment invoice via the Medicare online portal, or use the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

For telephone and video consultations, we recommend you check your Medicare account within 72 hours of payment, and upload a copy of the payment invoice if your rebate has not been processed.  Payment invoices are automatically emailed upon payment.

Which consultations will continue to be bulk billed?2023-02-16T04:16:58+00:00

We will continue to bulk bill all consultations for the following patients who hold a Medicare card:

  • All children 15 years of age and under
  • All patients 70 years of age and over
  • Patients with a Centrelink Concession Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card
  • Veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) white or gold card
  • Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander patients

Additionally, we will continue to bulk bill the following types of consultations for all patients, regardless of age:

  • GP management plans (also known as Care plans)
  • GP management plan reviews (Care plan review)
  • GP Mental health care plans
  • GP Mental health care plan reviews
  • Health assessments
How do medical practices like HFGP generate income?2023-02-15T23:26:28+00:00

Like most GPs, most of our doctors work as independent contractors, and they pay the practice a service fee.  The practice relies on the service fees from doctors for the majority of its income which is then used to pay staff (e.g. receptionists, nurses), rent, medical equipment, building costs, utilities, computers etc.

My child is older than 16 years of age but lives in my house. Can they be bulk billed?2024-01-09T00:57:55+00:00

For children under 16, the federal government pays a ‘bulk billing incentive’ which is an extra payment on top of the standard Medicare fee. This extra funding assists us to continue bulk billing children under 16 years of age.

We will also bulk bill 16-21 year old students who are not in full time employment and who are  registered with us in MyMedicare. Please see our MyMedicare page for more information. However, in general, children 16 years and over will be charged the usual fee unless they hold a valid concession card.

What is a care plan and how do I know if I’m eligible to have one?2023-01-07T22:55:38+00:00

A GP Management plan (commonly known as a Care plan) is a plan of action for people with chronic and complex care needs.  Common conditions which may require a care plan include but are not limited to:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Severe asthma and lung disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Autoimmune conditions (eg. Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease)
  • Other medical conditions requiring regular visits with the GP and multiple specialists

If you’re unsure that you are eligible for a care plan, please speak with your doctor.

What can be done during a care plan or a care plan review appointment?2023-01-11T11:22:32+00:00

Care plan appointments are for people with chronic and complex conditions. New care plans should be done every 1-2 years and typically take 30-45 minutes and include a nurse and a doctor (and sometimes a clinical pharmacist). They involve setting health goals, and planning tasks (e.g. Pathology tests, specialist and allied health reviews, attending to preventative health checks). These appointments can also be used to organise routine care including referrals and scripts.

Care plan review appointments give an opportunity for you and your doctor to check that your chronic health condition is being managed well and your health goals are being met. They can also be used to organise routine care including scripts and referrals. Care plan reviews can only be done once every 3 months.

Care plans and care plan review appointments will be bulk billed for all patients, if eligible.

What is a mental health care plan and how do I know if I’m eligible?2023-01-11T11:21:28+00:00

A mental health care plan is an agreed plan of action with you and your GP to manage a mental health condition your GP or other mental health professional has diagnosed. If you have a valid mental health care plan, you can access Medicare rebated psychology visits.

These GP visits will be bulk billed and typically take 30-45 minutes.  A mental health care plan review is a planned appointment which can be used to access further Medicare rebated psychology visits.

Will I be charged for consultations with a nurse?2023-01-07T23:00:40+00:00

No, appointments with nurses alone do not incur an out-of-pocket fee. Examples of nurse only consultations include:

  • Vaccination administration
  • Simple wound dressings
  • Routine removal of sutures
  • Routine administration of injections (eg. B12, Prolia,immunotherapy, other medications)
Will there be any other charges for consultations ?2023-01-07T23:02:07+00:00

Yes, procedures including skin excisions and iron infusions will incur a private fee for all patients.

GP Consultations

The following fees will be introduced from 6th February 2023 for patients ineligible for bulk billing. They also apply to all new patients for their first visit (subsequent consultations will be charged depending on their eligibility for bulk billing).

Type of consultation Fee Medicare rebate Out of pocket cost
Face to face and telehealth  standard consultation $78 $41.40 $36.60
Face to face and telehealth long consultation $125 $80.10 $44.90
Face to face and telehealth prolonged consultation $170 $118.00 $52
Face to face consultation lasting more than 1 hour $255 $191.20 $63.80
Chronic disease management plans Bulk billed
Mental health care plans Bulk billed
45-49 year old health assessments Bulk billed
Cardiovascular health assessment Bulk billed


The following fees apply to all patients.

Procedure Fee Medicare rebate Out of pocket cost
Skin biopsy $70 $48.90 $21.10
Skin lesion excision Variable (up to $250) Variable approx $50
Repair of wound with sutures Variable (up to $150) Variable $50
Iron infusion $140 No rebate $140
Implanon insertion $90 $33.35 $56.65
Implanon removal $100 $54.60 $45.40
Wound dressings (ongoing) $25 $18.95 $6.05
Mirena IUD removal $118 $41.40 $76.60

Allied Health

Type of consultation Fee Medicare rebate
Podiatrist initial consultation $90 ($80**) $52.95*
Podiatrist subsequent consultation $80 ($70**) $52.95*

*Medicare rebatable for patients who have an EPC referral
**Cost for Pension Card or Health Care Card holders

Cancellation policy

Please note that all appointments, including telehealth, must be rescheduled or cancelled prior to the booked time.  Missed appointments will incur a $30 charge, which may need to be paid prior to making another booking.

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