Our Quality improvement strategy

One of the fundamentals of quality and safety in healthcare is to embed a strategy for continuous quality improvement and to never stop trying to become better. As part of our service, accountability and commitment to you, we believe that we should continuously look to improve and build on the service that we provide.

We want to make sure that the care we provide to the individual (as well as all of our practice population) is effective, evidence based, safe and focuses on prevention as well as illness.

We do this by measuring what we do, including measurements based around the experience of our patients, what our patients report about their health, as well as health and prevention measures on our population of patients. By using and tracking these measures, and by discussing these issues at regular staff meetings, we believe that we can look after and help improve the health of our patients even when they are not physically present at the practice.

We want to be accountable for the care that we provide, and are not afraid to be transparent and show the world where we can improve.

Some of these things are described in more detail below. This page contains links and data that guides some of our quality improvement work and will be updated frequently. We always value your feedback. We thank the staff of Wentwest, our PHN, who have helped and guided us in this quality improvement journey.


Diabetes care is complex, and there are many things we can measure that help us determine effectiveness of care.


Immunisations, including vaccinating adults against certain illnesses, is an important preventative health measure.

Heart Disease

People with heart disease require extra care to prevent more cardiac events, illness and death.

Weight Management

Advice about weight management underpins prevention of many diseases. That is why we often ask to measure your weight and height.

Patient Experience & Outcomes

We care about what matters to you, how you feel about your health, and about your experience of our service.