Do I always have to see the same doctor if I register and nominate a GP?


No. As a registered patient you can see any of the GPs in our practice, just like you can now. Ideally, seeing the same GP maintains continuity and helps you and your doctor get to know each other better. However we understand that this may not always be possible or convenient.

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Is my information secure and private?


All information held by HFGP is private and held in accordance with ourprivacy policy. MyMedicare simply links you to our practice in the Medicare system, so that this link is visible to you and your other health care providers. As outlined in this fact sheet, MyMedicare does not hold any clinical information (unlike the My Health Record). It does not

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Do I have to register?


No. Registration is completely voluntary, and you can withdraw your registration at any time. When registering with us, you can see any of our GPs or nurses at any time, not just your nominated GP. Also, even if you are registered, you can still attend any other practice at any time, especially if we are closed. 

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Am I eligible to register in MyMedicare?


To be eligible for registration, you must have had 2 in-person visits at our practice sometime in the last 2 years. If someone in your family is registered, you can register without meeting that requirement. Information about other exemptions for this requirement can be found on the MyMedicare website.

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How do I register with HFGP?


Registration is open from 1 October 2023.

There are essentially three ways to register with us. 

  • Most preferably, apply online via the Medicare app or Medicare online website 
  • Apply via our customised manual smartform, or a downloadable paper form which you can give to our team at the practice in person or via email (
  • Respond to an online invitation we will send you via the Medicare app or website 

More information is available on the MyMedicare website.

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How does MyMedicare help us at Hills Family General Practice?


Registering in MyMedicare will help us better understand you, your needs, and help us better tailor our services to meet those needs. This includes providing us with information about patients who choose us, which will help us to target and focus our health check reminders and health promotion activities.  

As your registered practice and nominated GP, our name will be visible on your My Health Record. Most people have a My Health Record but don’t use it very much. Over time, all pathology and test results done elsewhere will have to be uploaded to your My Health Record and be visible to you on your My Health Record App. This will help us collate and be informed about all your care so that we can coordinate care in a comprehensive fashion. 

In the future, the Commonwealth Government will […]

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How do I benefit from registering with HFGP?


As your chosen general practice team, we will provide, build on and improve the following services to you:  

If you choose to register with us, we will expand bulk billing to students aged between 16 and 21 years of age (inclusive) who are studying and not working full time. (Please note some proof of your education status may be required).

As detailed in our fees policy, the bulk bill incentive currently helps us continue to bulk bill eligible patients who have a health care card, pension card, those under 16 years of age, and commonwealth senior card holders. 

Also, a reminder to all our registered patients to talk to us and let us know if you are experiencing financial difficulties, so that we can tailor our fees (or bulk bill) on an […]

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