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coronary heart disease (CHD)

Heart disease, and specifically ischaemic (or coronary artery) disease, is an important and common cause of death and disability in Australia. If you are known to have CHD, it is vital that your cholesterol level is kept as low as possible and often well below normal. Despite your best efforts with diet and exercise, studies have shown that taking cholesterol lowering medications (“statins”) can save lives and prevent further infarcts (“heart attacks”).

Another medication that will prevent clots in the arteries around the heart are anti-platelet medications and aspirin. That is why we often prescribe these medications to you, and is why we are actively measure and try to improve the number of active patients (patients who have been to our practice three times or more in two years) with heart disease and who are prescribed these medications. We believe that reasonable goal is that at least 90% of our patients with CHD should be prescribed these medications.

Please speak to you GP or nurse if you have any questions about these medications or whether you should be taking them.