Our Vision

We want to be a practice that delivers team-based healing relationships that wrap around the healthcare needs of our patients and their families. We want to make sure the care we provide is effective, evidence based, safe, and focused on prevention. Our focus is to provide lifetime care to the individual and their family as well as our entire patient population. We want to become your medical home.


Our Mission

We at Hills Family General Practice believe that our patient is the centre of our health care model. We use high quality and high value care that helps our patients achieve their goals for health, well being and ultimately improve their quality of life. Our team have built a happy, cohesive and supportive environment that embraces the lifetime health needs of our entire practice population.


Our Values


Honesty-We wish to treat each other and our patients in a truthful and sincere way

Loyalty-Our staff have an allegiance to each other, to our work in the practice, to our goals and towards our patients

Compassion-We wish to show concern for each other and empathy for our patients

Growth-To continue to educate, learn, improve and challenge ourselves

Quality-To embrace continuous quality improvement, General Practice Accreditation and to aim for excellence in our practice

Professionalism- we act and treat our patients with respect, maintain their confidence, and always act with the integrity.